Build Strength, Look Great, and Have the Confidence you need to Dominate in Life.


I want to help you get really strong... But I'm not talking about big bulky muscle bound bro strong.


I'm talking about that quite guy or gal you see in the gym, who looks great, and never seems to get tired. That person you just know is up for any challenge. 


That "sure I'll do that race with you" confidence that comes with knowing you have the strength you need to tackle any challenge and say "yes" to hard things.


Yea, that's the kind of strength I want to help you build.


And that's what our 8-Week Custom Strength program is all about.


We'll work together, one-on-one, and build a strength training program designed to fit your goals, experience, schedule, and equipment availability.


Only 30-mins a day to train? No problem


Busy schedule? We'll work around it.


Limited Gym Access or Equipment? We'll modify everything & you'll still get stronger.


Out of Excuses? Keep reading!

We'll Work Together to Help You Reach Your Goals

Check Out How it Works


    You'll get your own coach who will work with you, your schedule, and your current lifestyle to develop a plan of action.


    Daily feedback & detailed weekly check-ins to keep you on task & adjust when things go off the rails.


    We'll help you make a few small tweaks & habit changes that will rapidly improve your performance, body composition, and recovery. Which means you're gonna look and feel a whole lot better.


    Smart, proven, and effective training is the name of the game. We'll design a program that packs on strength & muscle while helping jump start your fat loss.

8-Week Custom  Strength Program

Your personalized training program designed to build the strength & confidence you need to dominate life.

  • Your Very Own Strength & Conditioning Coach: 
    Your coach will guide you through the process to changing your fitness, running faster than ever, getting stronger, and looking great too. 

  • Personalized Diet & Workout Plan

    We'll work with your lifestyle & schedule to create a plan that is effective, efficient, and fun. Combining daily strength & conditioning sessions with running and proper macros will help you reach your goals fast.

  • Daily Feedback
    You'll log your workouts and results daily and your coach will be there to tweak when necessary or just give you some encouragement (and accountability) when needed!.

  • Text & Email Support
    Crisis situation? You'll have your coaches number so you can send that last minute text, talk you off the ledge (or out of the bottom of the Dorito bag) and keep you on track.

Secure Order

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30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

One-time payment, not a monthly subscription.

More Details

  • Designed to Fit Your Schedule
    Your personal program will be designed to fit your schedule and can be adjusted as needed on the fly. We'll be checking in often to keep you on track & adjust as needed

  • Program Delivered to Your Smart Phone
    You'll access this program via the Train Heroic smartphone app. If you have a flip phone, don't buy this, go get a new phone instead, weirdo...

  • Track Your Workouts
    You be able to log your results, right on your phone, and track your progress throughout the program.

  • Priority Coaching Support
    If you have questions, limitations, or issues we'll be here to get you answers and make sure you stay on track!

  • Video Review
    Doing something wrong? Not sure if you're performing a movement correctly? Send us a video and we'll give you individual feedback to help you improve!

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    If you don't improve or just hate the program for whatever reason, just let us know and I'll refund you immediately. 


I am pretty self-motivated and while I know how to workout I don’t fully understand programming. I don’t have a lot of time so I wanted to eliminate having to go through the trial and error of figuring out how to program. When it came to seeking out where to get programming from I started out with Soflete as a general program and while it worked it wanted something tailored specifically to me and my goals. We found your site and a few friends liked your FB page. So of course we did some research and I looked more in depth at your site and I liked what I saw. It’s really about being strong but not losing that conditioning, being a well rounded athlete and not just a “fit” person. And your background is great. I wanted someone knowledgeable and you appeared to have a solid background. When I pick a coach or trainer I want someone who has real world experience and not just working in theory. The phone call was also awesome. We didn’t have to go back and forth on email. I got to quickly tell you my goals. And then the proof was in the the results. I have been trying to do pull-ups and build athletic strength for a while and the programming we had last year accomplished that! It was amazing. Finally that customization. If my goals change I can tell you and you can transition my training to those new goals. I like that we can touch base and that communicate with me, checking in on progress. It gives me accountability. And if I can’t workout the adjustments can be made on the fly. I could go on and on!

- Esli

I chose personal training because throughout the last few years Strategic Athlete helped me prepare for (2) PFTs. Which took me from failing to a passing PFT. Last year was also a big improvement for me. That was when I started the semi-personal training programs. And within that last year I was able to decrease my average weight by 10lbs and keep it off. I was also able to learn more, through your weekly emails with articles, and conversations in TrueCouch, I’ve been able to learn about Macros, and I’ve been able to see the importance of mobility and be able to do more then I would have thought a few years ago. I definitely think you, PJ, are very knowledgeable in not only the science behind fitness, but also able to mix it with real life situations. One of the big reasons why I chose to do personal training and take that next step, is that I feel like I’m ready to achieve the next goal, and continue my progress and I trust that you have the knowledge, wisdom, and time to help me achieve that.

- Rachel

I started working with a trainer several years ago to learn how to do everything correctly. Started again after having last baby (for the motivation and accountability) and realized I knew how to do everything and the once-a-week sessions really weren't doing it for me. I'd go to the gym by myself throughout the week but either wasted time trying to figure out what to do or not getting an effective workout. This turned into it being really easy to talk myself out of going. I liked the idea that you'd give me a weekly plan and I could do it for the same price I was paying already (for just once-a-week). Plus, most of that money was going to the gym and not the trainer so to be able to support a vet business instead made it even better. Since you didn't make me sign a contract it was easy to say I'd give it a try and cancel if I didn't feel it was worth it. (ps it's worth it!) I've learned the importance of "outsourcing" the jobs I don't want to do/don't have the time to do/just can't do in my personal life. Figuring out an effective, well rounded, efficient workout plan for myself just wasn't working. Even though you're a "virtual" trainer, I still feel I have accountability and motivation is so much easier when I know I just have to show up and kill it..

- Tara

As you know my precious coach did more harm than good and I learned afterwards that although he claimed it was custom tailored, it was a cookie cutter program that really made no sense and ultimately got me hurt. I sought tailored training, individual to me. I also felt that as a peer in law enforcement special operations, you’d better understand what I needed to be successful in my training and on the job.

- Pablo

Over the past year SA has helped me reach a level of performance and health I have never been at before. Being in the military special operations community, he's helped me mentally prepare and strengthen my body to meet the rigorous challenges with ease.

- Matt

I foresee this being the start of a long coach/athlete road. After 3 years of searching for real programming built towards "staying alive", I'm finally sold.

- Dan

I have never ran so fast in my life! (After dropping her 1-mile time from 9:38 to 6:56) Boom. Thanks!

– Ranae

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