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Strategic Foundations is a General Physical Preparedness (GPP) program Which means you’ll be getting daily workouts designed to make you better at everything. 


This daily program will progress you through strength, work capacity, durability, endurance, mobility, and a variety of other modalities to make you the most well-rounded athlete possible.


Bottom-line: If you need a training program, designed by an expert coach, that will make you a better human overall, then keep reading!


This is the last training program you'll ever need! 


Pretty bold statement, eh? Well, if you'd like to:

  • Get stronger, faster, and more powerful

  • Shed body fat, increase muscle mass, and feel better overall

  • Improve you mobility & flexibility 

  • Reduce your chance of injury

  • Improve you sleep, reduce stress, and increase energy

  • Stop wasting time in the gym wandering around aimlessly and focus on the things that will truly make a big difference.

  • Gain the confidence you need to tackle any other challenge

Then you’re probably in the right place.


But don't take my word for it, try it yourself with a 14-day free trial and see what it's all about!.


No hype, no bullshit. If you'd like your training to be more effective, more efficient, and actually move you closer to your goals then sign up now for your free trial.


Sign up for our annual plan and get access to all of our premium programs!

STRATEGIC 5K ($39 Value)


This 5-Week Training Program will shave minutes off of your next 5k race or short distance run times. This stand alone running program will improve your run times with 3 running workouts each week.


If you need a comprehensive training program that is focused on improving your runs times then this is it. Inside the 16-week Strategic Endurance program you’ll find 3 strength, 4-5 work capacity, and 3-4 running workouts each week.



The Strategic Athlete PFT Domination program is a 4-week program designed to help you improve your PFT score. Currently, there is a USMC, Army, Navy, & Air Force version developed for each branch specifically.


Do you need a structured strength & conditioning program but don’t have access to a gym? If you’re short on equipment, traveling, or just looking for something simple (not easy) then you’re in the right place.



This 8-Week program was designed to give you the basic strength, conditioning, endurance, and general fitness you need to stay safe, healthy, and effective on the job.



Wanna get stupid strong? This program can add 20+ pounds to your back squat in just 4-weeks. If you’re new to barbell strength training your results could be even better! Inside you’ll get 3 brutal but effective workouts each week


Wanna get strong? Sure you do, because being weak sucks and stronger people have more friends. This 8-week program is designed with one thing in mind, to help you get stronger. You’ll get 3-days per week of banging weights with a couple optional cardio days thrown in.

STRATEGIC S&C ($197 Value)

This 12-Month training program is designed for an intermediate to advanced athlete who is looking for a very high level of performance or looking to attend a military selection in the future. Inside you’ll find 52-weeks of strength, work capacity, endurance (run/ruck), durability, and mobility workouts.

What You Get

  • Proven Strength & Conditioning:

    You'll get structured daily strength & conditioning workouts that are continuously progressed along with brutal & effective work capacity workouts designed to build your performance across broad times, energy systems, and tasks.

  • Daily Warm Ups, Cool Downs, & Mobility Work:
    Preparing yourself for training decrease injuries and keeps you training hard. Each day you'll get a comprehensive warm up & cool down protocol along with mobility tasks to help you get prepared for the next training day.

  • BONUS for Annual Members: Access to ALL of our premium strength & conditioning programs: 
    Our programs are designed to make you stronger, faster, more powerful, & fitter all while keeping you injury free. Workouts are time efficient (Typically less than 60-mins) and can be done with a basic equipment set.  

More Details

  • Programs Delivered to Your Smart Phone
    You'll access all of our programs via the Train Heroic smartphone or web app. If you have a flip phone, don't buy this, go get a new phone instead, weirdo...

  • Track Your Workouts
    You be able to log your results, right on your phone, and track your progress throughout the program.

  • Priority Coaching Support
    If you have questions, limitations, or issues we'll be here to get you answers and make sure you stay on track!

  • Video Review
    Doing something wrong? Not sure if you're performing a movement correctly? Send us a video and we'll give you individual feedback to help you improve!

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    If you don't improve or just hate the program for whatever reason, just let us know and I'll refund you immediately. 



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Daily Strength & Conditioning Workouts

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Daily Strength & Conditioning Workouts

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14-Day Free Trial, Cancel Anytime, Renews Annually,

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Our Programs Include

All of our training programs are delivered through the Train Heroic smart phone app where you'll add your program to your personal calendar and log your daily workouts, track your results, message a coach (and the community)

  • Your Personal Calendar

    Pick your own start date and complete the program on your schedule!

  • Delivered to Your Phone

    You'll access this program via the TH smart phone app. If you have a flip phone, don't buy this, go get a new phone... Weirdo...

  • Video Review

    Doing something wrong? Not sure if you can tweak a movement to improve faster, shoot us a video and get feedback

  • Priority Email Support

    If you have questions, limitations, or issues we'll be here to get you answers and make sure you stay on track.

  • Track Your Daily Workouts

    Log your results & see your training history right inside the app and keep track of your progress. 

  • 30-Day Guarantee

    If you don't improve or just hate the program for whatever reason, just let me know and I'll refund you.

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