And never gas out during a workout again

If you’d like to:

  • Run faster, longer

  • Increase your swim, bike, or row performance

  • Get through a CrossFit workout without feeling like you’re gonna die

  • Not gas out on the mats at your next jiu jitsu class 

  • Run a Spartan, Ragnar, or Tough Mudder and not worry about how you’ll perform


Then your training could probably benefit from a proven and effective endurance training program that give you the structure you need to make consistent progress.


You don’t need is another new, full training program, that completely shakes up what you’re already doing.


Which is why our Team Endurance workouts are designed to fit right into your current training schedule and supplement what you’re already doing.


So if you know you need to start taking your aerobic training serious 


And you wanna take time you already spend “doing cardio” and use that time WAY more effectively...


To improve your performance,


And jump start fat loss, 


And build a high-performance aerobic engine that will help you attack any physical challenge with confidence..


Then Team Endurance is for you.


Because that’s exactly what our goal is for our Endurance Team members.


With only 3, ~30 minute workouts per week will help you be that guy/girl that never seems to get tired…


Ready to take your “cardio” training to the next level?

Team Endurance

A weekly training program designed to super charge your aerobic training to help you crush your goals.

  • Weekly Training Program

    Each week you'll get 3 time-based endurance workouts that will last about 30mins each. Workouts are time-based, which means you can pick whatever training modality you want (Run, bike, row, swim, etc) 

  • Daily Warm-Up & Activation Drills

    Start each workout off right with a proper warm-up and activation drills you’ll need to perform your best and remain injury free. Since this is a "supplemental" program these are optional since you may already be warmed up!

  • Accessory Work

    Each workout we'll also throw some accessory work at you to work your core, strength your feet and lower legs, and build the skill you need to stay injury free.

  • Track Your Progress

    Record your interval times, track your progress from day to day and week to week right inside our Train Heroic app!

  • Mandatory 30-Day Guarantee

    I’m so confident that you’ll improve in the first few weeks that I’m requiring you to let me know if you don’t so I can give you a full refund. Sign up, give the program a shot, and if you don’t improve let me know and I’ll send you back every penny.


(Cancel anytime. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee)

Our Programs Include

All of our training programs are delivered through the Train Heroic smart phone app where you'll add your program to you personal calendar and log your daily workouts, track your results, message a coach (and the community)

  • Your Personal Calendar

    Pick your own start date and complete the program on your schedule!

  • Delivered to Your Phone

    You'll access this program via the TH smart phone app. If you have a flip phone, don't buy this, go get a new phone... Weirdo...

  • Video Review

    Doing something wrong? Not sure if you can tweak a movement to improve faster, shoot us a video and get feedback

  • Priority Email Support

    If you have questions, limitations, or issues we'll be here to get you answers and make sure you stay on track.

  • Track Your Daily Workouts

    Log your results & see your training history right inside the app and keep track of your progress. 

  • 30-Day Guarantee

    If you don't improve or just hate the program for whatever reason, just let me know and I'll refund you.

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